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Frequently Asked Questions

I have heard council is hard to deal with, can I get approval to build without going through council?

Yes. A lot of buildings can be approved by a private certifier as a 'complying development'. Complying developments were introduced by the NSW government to streamline building applications. You can learn more about by following this link 

I think I want to build, what are the first steps?

The first step of a building project is to start talking to your builder about your ideas. We will ask the right questions to begin refining your needs and wants.

Before going much further, it's important to ensure you have your finances in order. If you intend to fund the project using a bank loan, start talking to your bank early to understand what documentation they need to have in order to approve your loan. 

How is A To Z Homes different from its competitors?

We really care about the end result of your project. We take the time to listen to your needs and ensure we're exceeding expectations. 

A To Z Homes is a small local builder, meaning our overheads are lower than other builders. We pass the savings onto our clients. 

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